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Tivat Airport - All Information on Tivat Airport (TIV)

Tivat Airport (TIV) Tivat Airport (TIV)

Tivat Airport

27 Narodnih Heroja, Tivat, Montenegro
+382 32 670 930
+382 32 670 930 (Lost + Found)
Tivat Airport - All Information on Tivat Airport (TIV)

Tivat Airport (IATA: TIV) is an international airport servicing the coastal town of Tivat and the surrounding area in Montenegro. It's located 3 km south of Tivat's downtown. Since tourism along the coast of Montenegro is primarily seasonal, the airport sees the bulk of its annual passenger volume during the summer months (May–September).

Arrivals, Departures and Airlines at Tivat Airport

Transfer Services at Tivat Airport

Shuttles, taxis, and ridesharing apps are all viable options for getting to and from Tivat Airport in Montenegro. Taxis are readily available for use by visitors both inside and outside of the city. Taxes usually charge by the hour for longer trips, while shorter trips cost a flat rate.

Let's say you're trying to find a more relaxing environment. Tivat Airport is connected to the rest of Montenegro and the world via several shuttle services, including those to and from international airports like Dubrovnik (100 km away).

These shuttles provide the following:

  • A comfortable environment.
  • Air conditioning.
  • A place to store your bags.
  • Free drinks and snacks.

Renting a car, which can be done in the airport's Arrivals Hall, is the best way to get around the area.

Rental Car Services at Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport in Montenegro has several car rental agencies offering various vehicles. Companies offering car rentals at Tivat Airport have vehicles ranging from compact cars suitable for solo travelers to large passenger vans and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) suitable for families or groups traveling for an extended period.

While prices tend to be lower in the summer when tourist numbers are highest, they are still very reasonable year-round. Each rental agreement includes full coverage for theft, collision, and breakdown.

Online reservations are quick and easy; you can choose between several models to meet your needs. See and compare all rental car companies at Tivat Airport.

Taxi Services at Tivat Airport

Taxi fares are posted on a sign outside of Terminal 1 even though the airport does not have a taxi contract. From what I can tell, a taxi ride from Tivat to Kotor will set you back around €20, while taking one from Kotor to Budva will set you back around €30. See more information about taxis at Tivat Airport.

Taxi fares and availability at Tivat Airport are, unfortunately, only approximations. Before entering a taxi, you should always attempt to lower the meter rate. Taxis are readily available at Tivat Airport for rides to the posh marinas of Porto Montenegro and Lutica Bay.

Train Services at Tivat Airport

Montenegro's Tivat lacks a train station. Buses and taxis, among other ground transportation options, are recommended for passengers. More information about train services near Tivat Airport.

Taxis are the most convenient and economical means of transportation in Tivat. Prices are reasonable, typically ranging from €10 to €50 for a single trip.

Tivat's neighboring cities, towns, and villages are all serviced by buses that frequently run throughout the day and cost around €5 one way. There are several car rental agencies available to arriving passengers at Tivat Airport.

Bus Services at Tivat Airport

Private transportation service will only get you from Tivat Airport to your destination. You can catch a bus from the airport's main road, but there are better ideas than walking there.

If you don't have a car, the bus ride will set you back between €4 and €9 and take around two hours. However, the bus is not something we suggest using. More information about buses to and from Tivat Airport.

You can only do something other than hail a taxi right now. Prearranged fares for taxis to and from Tivat Airport are recommended. Please visit our taxi page for further details on our taxi services.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport hotel shuttles are a convenient and fast mode of transportation within the city. Shuttles are a cheap and easy way to get around many of Tivat's hotspots. They are located just outside the terminal building.

These shuttles will take you quickly and conveniently to your hotel or elsewhere. They offer van services for up to eight passengers, so even larger groups can be transported.

For additional hotel information, please view our hotel page.

Rideshare Services at Tivat Airport

By avoiding the high costs of public transportation or renting a car, riders can save money and time using a ridesharing service. Passengers can reach their destination quickly and easily while saving money using these services.

For instance, using a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, passengers can arrange transportation from the airport to their hotel minutes after touching down. Riders can get where they're going more quickly and affordably than ever before because they no longer rely on taxis or public transportation.

Parking Services at Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport in Montenegro offers parking services to facilitate passengers' and visitors' travels. Parking at the facility is free for the first 15 minutes.

Those who need to leave their cars for only a few days or hours will benefit greatly from the convenience of short-term parking. You can park here for free and still have quick and easy access to the airport. Long-term parking is a cost-effective option because you can often get a discount when you leave your vehicle parked at the lot.

See more information about short and long term parking at Tivat Airport.

Other Services at Tivat Airport

Other passenger services and amenities at Tivat Airport in Montenegro include free Wi-Fi, retail outlets, duty-free shops, lounges, and several restaurants and bars. Passengers can also find ATMs and currency exchange services in the terminal building.

Several eateries are scattered around the terminal, offering hot snacks such as burgers, freshly brewed coffee, or cold drinks for those looking for a quick bite before they catch their flight.

The retail outlets include several shops selling perfumes, cosmetics, confectionery items, and more sourced locally and from abroad. There are also various bookshops and souvenir items so visitors can take something home to remember their trip.

There is also a lost & found service for passengers who have mislaid or misplaced any items during their travels. Additional amenities like car rental facilities are available to those wishing to explore Montenegro further by road.

Disabled Passengers at Tivat Airport

Passengers who require special assistance should contact the airport before their travels and inform them of their needs. The airport staff will then be able to make arrangements for any required support, such as wheelchairs or help boarding onto flights. It also has ramps and adapted toilets throughout the terminal building, intended to make travel easier for those who need it most.

Wi-Fi at Tivat Airport

Passengers can easily connect to the network for free by selecting from their device's list of available networks. The connection requires no passwords or registration. For those needing a stronger signal, Tivat Airport also offers paid internet access at select locations around the airport via prepaid cards from vending machines and service desks.

Baggage Claim at Tivat Airport

The baggage claim areas are divided into four sections, each with a carousel or conveyor belt for passengers to collect their luggage. Depending on what class you're flying in and your airline, there is also a dedicated team of professionals who help ensure that all bags have been collected and returned to the right owners.

Information Desk at Tivat Airport

Airport personnel can provide information on airlines and flights, transportation options, baggage claims, airport services and amenities, local attractions or points of interest in Tivat or surrounding areas, currency exchange rates, and more.

Passengers who need assistance with their travel plans can also inquire at the information desk and buy tickets for ferry rides or other forms of public transport. Additionally, travelers can check their flight status at the information desk.

Smoking at Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport has taken this step towards creating an enjoyable experience for all customers by providing clean air when traveling through its premises. Regulations are strictly enforced and include no smoking in the terminal building, on any of the airport grounds, or even near entrances to the airport.

Any passengers who wish to smoke must do so outside designated areas clearly marked with appropriate signage. Smoking is also prohibited inside aircraft, and e-cigarettes are not allowed unless you have permission from your airline before flying.

Lost and Found Section at Tivat Airport

The Lost and Found staff will be able to help you if your checked-in luggage has yet to arrive at its destination or if any personal item was lost during the journey. In case of lost items, please approach the nearest Airport representative and provide a detailed description of your item, including brand name/model number (if applicable) and other identifying characteristics.

If your item has been found, it can be collected from this section up to 30 days after you reported it missing. To ensure quick resolution of such cases, please have all necessary documents proving ownership of the lost item ready when filing an inquiry with the Tivat Airport Lost and Found team.

Restrooms at Tivat Airport

The bathrooms are kept clean and stocked with toiletries; each stall has a sink. There is also plenty of space to move around in the bathroom, so you will feel comfortable and comfortable.

Also, hand sanitizer is available throughout the airport for extra protection against germs and viruses. There are even diaper changing stations within the restroom so parents can care for their babies conveniently without leaving the terminal building.

Nursing Mothers Station at Tivat Airport

The station at the airport includes comfortable seating, a changing table, and electrical outlets to plug in pumps and other equipment needed by the mother while breastfeeding or expressing milk. In addition, there are restrooms and baby-changing facilities nearby, so parents have all they need in one convenient location.

ATMs at Tivat Airport

The machines are located in the arrivals hall, near the check-in desks, and other designated areas at the terminal. They provide travelers with an easy way to access local currency when they arrive. Additionally, a foreign exchange service is located in the arrivals hall should travelers wish to convert their currency.

Currency Exchange at Tivat Airport

Currency exchange is available at the information desk just after exiting customs control. The service is reliable and efficient, with competitive rates relative to other locations in town.

Additionally, Tivat Airport offers a full range of banking services, including ATM machines that accept all major credit cards and cash payments. Travelers may also use these ATMs to withdraw local currency during their stay in Montenegro.

Food and Beverages at Tivat Airport

For those looking for a quick snack, several vending machines are located throughout the terminal, offering a variety of snacks and drinks. Additionally, an onsite restaurant now offers traditional Montenegrin dishes and international options.

These restaurants also provide free Wi-Fi access and seating areas for passengers to relax before their flight. Travelers can also pick up souvenirs or gifts at one airport shop or duty-free outlets within the terminal.

Shopping at Tivat Airport

Some shops offer travelers the opportunity to purchase souvenirs and other items, including alcohol, chocolates, perfumes, and jewelry, among other things.

Pet Relief at Tivat Airport

The pet relief areas provide an enclosed space where you can take your pet to relieve themselves without disrupting the rest of the airport. An attendant is also on hand to help owners and their animals use the area properly to avoid disturbing other travelers or disrupting flights.

Ticketing Services at Tivat Airport

The airport offers various services, from counters to check-in kiosks, that allow travelers to get their tickets quickly and efficiently. Passengers can also book flights online through the Tivat Airport website. The customer service representatives at the ticketing desks are always available to answer questions and provide assistance with booking flights or other travel needs.

History of Tivat Airport

In 1957, a tiny airport serving Tivat was established with a single grass runway, a terminal building, and a control tower. Between those years (1957 and 1968), the airport mostly served domestic passengers going to Belgrade, Zagreb, and Skopje.

The airport received renovation and expansion from 1968 to 1971. It had a new passenger terminal and control tower built, as well as an asphalt runway and longer taxiways when it reopened in 1971. The airport had yet another renovation after the quake that hit in 1979. The airport's apron and taxiways were notably enlarged to accommodate wide-body aircraft.

The government of Montenegro has owned the airport since 2003. Since then, the airport has undergone more renovations and modernization, opening the newly rebuilt passenger terminal in June 2006. New airport equipment, including cargo loaders and flight information display systems, was funded in part by a 2007 grant of $1 million from the government of South Korea.

In 2008, additional changes were made to reduce noise, and the airport at Tivat was permanently closed to many older passenger aircraft models.

Yet, the passenger terminal became a bottleneck during the busiest summer months as annual passenger volume surpassed one million in the middle of the 2010s and continued to increase strongly. Hence, it was intended to construct a new passenger terminal at Tivat Airport, increasing its capacity.

About Tivat, Montenegro

Tivat, Montenegro, is a port city on the Bay of Kotor in the country's southwestern corner. Tivat is the largest city in Montenegro's smallest municipality, Tivat. Located on a plateau at Vrmac's base, it is the newest town in the Boka region.

Teude, Theode, and Theudo were all used for the town in the 14th century, as evidenced by documents kept at Kotor (Cattaro). Cattaro, Pranj, and Dobrota nobility owned most of the region's fertile territory during the Medieval Ages. Manors, castles, chalets, and a community church dedicated to St. Anton were built in 1373.

The affluent Bua family left several valuable assets, including the old chalet that now houses museums and galleries in Tivat. On Prevlaka Island, construction began between the 13th and 15th centuries as the official palace of the Zeta metropolitan bishopric.

From 1420 to 1797, Tivat (Teodo in Venetian) was included in the Duchy of Albania Veneta, ruled by the Republic of Venice. During those ages, Teodo had economic growth, displacing many Serbs from Ottoman-controlled areas. There are still some beautiful Venetian-style structures around.

Weather in Tivat, Montenegro

Short, hot, and mainly clear summers are followed by long, cold, wet, windy, and partly cloudy winters in Tivat. The annual average temperature is around 36 degrees and rarely drops below 27 degrees or rises over 95 degrees.

Tivat is warmest from late June to late August, making that time of year ideal for outdoor activities. From June till September, the average high temperature is over 81°F, making this the hot season. In Tivat, July is the hottest month, with highs of 87 degrees and lows of 64.

From November until March, when temperatures average below 60°F, the chilly season is in full swing. January has the year's coldest temperatures, averaging 36 degrees Fahrenheit at night and 54 degrees during the day.

During the wetter season, precipitation occurs on an average of 11 days from September until May. The wettest days are in November. It's dry from May through September, with the driest days occurring in the middle of July and lasting for roughly a week.

On average, November brings 11 days of precipitation to Tivat.

Useful Contact Details in Tivat, Montenegro

It is important to remember that in an emergency, you should contact 112. This number will connect you with local police and medical services trained and equipped to handle any situation. If a crime or accident has occurred, you must remain calm and provide as much information as possible when speaking to authorities.

In some circumstances, such as a traffic violation or an injury requiring immediate attention, law enforcement officers may request official documents before assisting you. Also, suppose your cell phone was damaged during an incident or stolen while traveling in Tivat, Montenegro. In that case, it's important to report these promptly so authorities can take appropriate action.


General Hospital Blazo Orlandic

Address: Podgrad bb Stari Bar 85354 Crna Gora

Phone: + 382 30 34 23 33 / + 382 30 34 22 13


Montenegro Police Station

Address: Tivat, Montenegro

Phone: +382 32 671 422

Tivat Airport Contacts

Address: 27 Narodnih Heroja, Tivat, Montenegro

General Phone: +382 32 670 930

Lost and Found Phone: +382 32 670 930

Information Desk Phone: +382 32 670 930

Official Website: https://montenegroairports.com/en/tivat-airport

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: C, F

Currency: Euro

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Tivat Airport

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